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Sherry Boutin

Natural Health Consultant

Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner

Personal Growth Coach

Motivational Speaker

Reiki Master

Law of Attraction Practitioner

Heartmath Add Heart Facilitator

Graduate of the Neuroscience Academy

Minister with Universal Life Church

Medical Technologist (MT A.S.C.P.)

Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS N.C.A.)

   I graduated as a Medical Technologist from the University of Connecticut and spent ten years working in the laboratory environment.  I also spent eight of those ten years as an educator part-time in a Medical Assistant program.  I quickly found out that teaching/learning was one of my passions. 


   Finding myself with a thirst for knowledge beyond the confines of the medical field, I went on to various other career opportunities, in which I became affluent in financial services, marketing, advertising, publishing, sales, customer services, goal setting and success principles,  training, mentoring, and so on. 


   After some life changing events, I found myself still yearning for something more, but could not quite pinpoint what was missing since I felt like a well-balanced, multi-skilled person in the workforce.  Why was I not satisfied with my many accomplishments?   What area of life and knowledge had I not tapped into?  In 2002, I discovered that spirituality and metaphysics were the missing pieces in my life, and embarked on a spiritual journey into the "non-scientific" world. 


   With a new-found passion and incessant thirst for knowledge, I began to study metaphysics, became a Reiki Master, and have become affluent in many areas of alternative medicine, holistic health, nutrition, success mindset and mentoring, etc.  Over the course of many years educating people about nutrition and positive lifestyle habits, I developed into a Natural Health Consultant and Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner.  I will soon be completing my training as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist as well.


   Because of my deep passion for teaching and mentoring, I have striven to teach others in the ways of spirituality, metaphysics, nutrition, and success - both in life and in business.  I enjoy helping and guiding people on their own journeys, no matter what part of the journey they're on or where the journey is going. 


   I have an avid interest in working with people who have gluten sensitivities, Celiac Disease, and other wheat-related disorders, giving them tools they can use to help reduce their anxiety and depression, while improving their digestive issues and autoimmunity. I myself have both gluten and dairy sensitivities, so I can totally relate to the physical and emotional strains it puts on your life, and the daily frustrations that go along with it.







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