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Private One-on-One Consultations

   On the journey of life, there can be many speed bumps, potholes, and red lights.


Do you feel like you're traveling down the wrong road?


Are you veering off the road entirely, or already in a ditch?

   Sometimes we all could use someone in the passenger seat that can provide some guidance, help us "read the map" so we can find the most efficient and fulfilling way to reach our destination.


   When you're tired and frustrated and feel like you're falling asleep at the wheel, you need someone to keep you alert, motivated, and focused on your goals.


   Sometimes you just need someone to affirm your potential for greatness, encourage you to move forward, push your boundaries a little, pick you up when you fall on your face, and do "the happy dance" with you to celebrate your successes.


   Some of the most successful people out there have mentors that have helped them fulfill their destiny.  You deserve the same mentorship and guidance.  You are so worthy of it !  

   True Inspiration can provide the knowledge, wisdom, motivation, and structure to help you keep on track and achieve your goals and dreams. 


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

   Health and vitality can be achieved through a balanced integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Health relies on our pattern of daily routines, seasonal influences, diet, exercise, behavior and mindset, etc.  Health issues may have many complicated layers, much like that of an onion. 

    Many times, you have to peel back several layers of the onion to figure out what the root cause is.  Each symptom may be one of many contributing factors to an individual’s illness.


    Sometimes the root cause is found in very unexpected places.  There are many natural solutions that do not involve using dangerous or toxic substances, which just cover up symptoms and eventually cause other problems down the road.


    Many people don't even realize all of the ways they are sabotaging their health on a daily basis.  They are usually shocked when they find out how they are doing it. 

Are you on a diet roller-coaster?

    Also, many people spend most of their lives yo-yo dieting with whatever is the latest fad diet that is being talked about in the media. 

   They can't figure out why none of them are working.  True Inspiration shows you exactly why and how this is happening.


   There is no one diet that is right for everyone.  Everyone is unique.  Everyone has different lifestyles and different exposures to different environments.  Everyone has different underlying health conditions. 

   These factors must be considered when developing a healthy lifestyle that leads to longevity.  Small, gradual, permanent changes in lifestyle can achieve better results than any diet plan that is destined to fail eventually.  


   When learned lifestyle choices are combined with a variety of natural mind-body techniques to help alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelm, the body can gently get back into balance, and vitality can be achieved.

Do you suspect you have, or have you been diagnosed with,  food/gluten sensitivities?

   Navigating a gluten free lifestyle can be both frustrating and confusing, and there are many pitfalls along the way. 


   Don't go on this journey by yourself.  Many gluten-free people end up developing food anxiety because they are scared of being unknowingly exposed to taboo foods or ingredients, and fall into depression because they feel they have such limited food choices.


   This may also lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness when they lose their regular ways of socializing with friends or family, and feel like the "outcast" who can't eat what everyone else is eating at the party, etc.


   Fear of criticism/rejection when searching for new relationship partners can also be frustrating, especially when the other person cringes when you announce "I'm gluten free/dairy free" and they run for the hills telling you they "don't feel compatible" or that dating you would end up being " too complicated".  Isn't dating hard enough as it is without being judged about how you eat?


   Fear not, True Inspiration will guide and support you through all the emotional pain and anxiety of the gluten free lifestyle, and will show you all the sneaky places this ingredient is hidden, and ways to avoid it. You will also learn all the creative and wonderful ways you can still eat some of your favorite foods!  All is not lost!



Do you no longer have the health or stamina to do the things you need or want to do anymore?

   If you're dragging yourself around every day, exhausted from lack of sleep, stressed out, trying every fad diet out there without any results, or taking a ton of medications every day, there is good news. 

   You don't have to be stuck in sickness and frustration anymore.  There are many natural solutions to help you reduce, or even reverse the effects of many health conditions!


True Inspiration LLC provides a personal, customized plan for you to dig down deep to the root of the problem, so you can regain your health and vitality.


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Do you feel like a salmon swimming upstream?
Then it's time to take action.  Don't let your goals, dreams and desires slip through your fingers.
Consultations can be done in-person, phone or video sessions depending on the nature of the situation. Please feel free to inquire. 

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