Stress / Anxiety Workshops

   Stress and anxiety is rampant in our society and is affecting our health and our emotional state.  This workshop will focus on various techniques that can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, both on a personal level as well as global.  This workshop is great for businesses looking to reduce stress in the workplace, or any group looking to help themselves and others deal with traumatic events, losses, or just the plain stresses of busy daily life.


Healthy Lifestyle / Gluten Sensitivity Workshops

   The general workshop focuses on a variety of topics such as healthy eating, developing healthy daily routines to promote good health, avoiding  pesticides, preservatives, and  environmental toxins, etc.  The audience will learn sneaky ways that these unhealthy ingredients show up in our everyday foods and personal care products as well.

   This workshop can also include tips on a variety of methods of making your own natural products at home, such as homemade soap, laundry detergent, bug repellent, lip balm, skin balm, deodorant, etc.  For an extra fee to cover supplies and equipment, this workshop can be turned into a fun activity-based event where participants get a chance to see a few products actually being made and be able to take samples home with them.

   The gluten workshop focuses on gluten sensitivities, Celiac disease, and autoimmunity on either a basic or advanced level. The audience will learn what gluten is and where it's hiding, how Celiac disease develops, other wheat-related  autoimmune disorders, and much more.

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Success Workshops

    This workshop is great for businesses, entrepreneurs, and the common person that wants to get ahead in life.  Success principles can pertain to any area of life, whether it be financial, health-related, relationship related, or anything in between.  Creating a vision of what you want, setting goals and achieving them can be learned by anyone.  High school and college students will also greatly benefit from learning these principles early, before they get exposed to "real life".  And for those who are already stuck in the ruts of life, this workshop will help you increase productivity, motivation, and start achieving results.  You can't change your past, but it is never too late to change your future!


Metaphysical Workshops

   This workshop is totally customizable for the audience involved.  Metaphysical topics can include anything from the basics of Reiki, EFT, meditation, breathing techniques, all the way to topics of herbal plant medicine, dreams, spirit animals, archetypes, crystals, essential oils, etc.  Outdoor fire ceremonies and drum circles are also an option.  If there are any new topics suggested that have not been presented before, they can be researched, learned, and presented with enough forward notice. 


School Workshops

   This workshop is totally customizable for the age and needs of the students.  Grammar school children are easily adaptable to learning simple meditation and breathing techniques that help reduce their stress, improve their focus, develop better relationships with other students, etc.  High school and college students will benefit from these techniques, as well as a tangible success formula to follow in order to achieve their future goals.


All workshops can be designed for either small or large groups.  Workshop fees are dependent on size of the group, length of time, and location.  They may be negotiated on a sliding scale, which may be one flat fee per group or individual fee per attendee. 



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